Wednesday, February 24, 2016 Review

Quality Of The Services Offered

The Resume Place website is big and bold; as are it’s claims. It aims to serve Federal and Government employees as well as veterans and other Government professionals. Shots of The White House and stating that they have over 40 years of experience instill confidence and an assured tone. This site has professional resumes services and a professional CV service and is obviously one of the top resume writing service companies in its field.

There are sections for job seekers, a senior executive service which deals with SES Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) as well as resumes, Government Agency training, and a scheme called “Ten Steps,” which is a Certification Program for the Ten Steps to a Federal Job.

There are free webinars offered and the site is a great resource even if you are not even wanting a resume done right now.

Writers and Customer Support Agents

As you would expect the customer support and website help are second to none. The staff are very knowledgeable and able to help with all aspects, and all levels of inquiry. There is a toll-free number and a live online chat service, although this is restricted to 9-5 ET. All major payment systems are available and billing is enabled online.

There is no individuality to the writers you can hire - you get what you are given here. It is obvious that the services offered here are very much Government based and as such the personal touch is somewhat buried in protocol and administrative red tape.

Prices and discounts

Prices are as big as the Resume Place site, and if there are discounts we couldn’t find them.

As an example preparing a Federal Resume for GS 5/7/9 Target Position: 4 hours of keyword, document review, interview and writing time comes in at $476. require a 60% deposit to begin your project. The final 40% will be automatically charged on the same credit card when the final resume is delivered. This is a tax deductible service.

Additional freebies and Benefits

There are plenty of reference sections on this site, free videos and Q & A’s to answer most basic questions. These jobs are complicated and difficult and because of this there seems to be no scope for freebies of any kind that we could find.

Do we recommend it? - Yes/No

Professional resume service reviews and resume professional writers reviews put Resume Place in the upper quartile every time. We can see why. This is a no-nonsense, get the job done company. With this comes a heavy pricing structure with no frills, discounts or freebies and an impersonal and austere service experience.

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